Released Q3 2022

Migrating to GS Crosslink V3

This document will cover your migration from GS Crosslink V2 to V3

Commands & Config

As part of the GS Crosslink V2 to V3 migration, your V2 config should have been translated to a version compatible with GS Crosslink V3. This means no large intervention should be required on your behalf to create a new config or repair your existing one. If, however, your config doesn’t seem to work with GS Crosslink V3, please reach out to us and we can manually migrate your V2 config to a V3 compatible version.

In this document you will find:

New Command System

/Config Set

/Config Add

/Config Remove

/Config View

New Premium System

Changes from V2

Privacy Policy Updates

New Command System

GS Crosslink V3 heavily utilizes Discord’s slash command system. You will need to ensure you are able to use slash commands within the server you wish to configure GS Crosslink, as well as ensuring your user settings display slash commands and the relevant slash commands are permitted for you to use. To use Configuration Commands, you will need the Manage Server permission as well as the Use Application Commands permission.

To begin configuring GS Crosslink, simply type a slash in any channel you have permission to use commands in, and the list of commands for GS Crosslink will propagate. To filter to GS Crosslink’s commands, you can click the bots profile picture.